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. 5 Remodeling Projects with the HIGHEST return on investment .1 The Kitchen – Whether it’s a major overhaul or a simple makeover, putting a fresh face on your kitchen is your best investment, you could expect at least an 85 percent return if you was about to resale One of our journeyman would be glad to give suggestions or ideas. [] ​

2. The Bath – An outdated bathroom can quickly spoil a sale, and it won’t be a pleasant space for you, either. Current trends of large showers instead of space-hogging garden tubs may serve you well, as will attention to classic features rather than unusual color schemes, you could yield an 84 percent return.

3. Decks – A new deck can cost a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on size and materials used. Before you build, look at other homes in your area and build accordingly. If the deck is in good shape, consider adding color,stain not paint. Remember Alapaint has over a decade in this area.

4. Siding – If your home’s façade is siding and it’s not in good shape, replacing or repairing the siding can bring instant freshness. 

5. Window replacement – The energy efficiency of new windows is a clear benefit to switching out older windows, but in some cases, it’s a safety feature, too. Costs depend on the number of windows you’re replacing, of course, and the type. Expect a return on your investment of at least 80 percent. We are lic. and bonded and would be glad to give you a free estimate. Contact johnny/ or 205-296-1488 For all you home improvement needs.Birmingham's best painting and home improvement contractor.